Bad breath will ruin your social life

Your Social Life Matters, Why Ruin it with Bad Breath?

You may have a great social life and feel so good about it. But what becomes of that life when you carry bad breath around without even knowing it until a friend whispers to your ear, “I’m sorry to say this, but you’ve got bad breath!” How would you feel? Damn hurt, right?

Bad breath paints you in a bad light. Every deal is off the table just as you open your mouth to speak. You became a bearer of bad news and tagged a social outcast. Behold, the stigma is all in your face. There are just no positives to being a carrier.

Would you rest easy when you lose business deals all because you have bad breath? I guess not. Clients keep their distance, and your colleagues at work are not left out too. And it seems the whole world is against you when those you call your friends break ties because they have had enough of you.

But that’s not even the height of it. Now, imagine the name calling or people making a jest of you. And gradually depression creeps in. Well, that’s the reality you’ve to contend with in a society where a good image is a big deal.

Do you want to be the “bad breath guy?” The look on your face says no. Creating a wrong first impression because of bad breath is not anybody’s wish, but sadly, if you have it, you’ll be fished out. In the case of chronic bad breath, you stand the chance of people drifting away from you, and it will remain so if there is no solution in sight.

You shouldn’t suffer this guilt. You never intended to bring it upon yourself in the first place, but it’s there anyway. One of the reasons you have bad breath is because of an undisclosed health issue that you didn’t give attention. The best advice right now is to schedule an appointment with a dentist for a thorough checkup to know the source of your problem—which could either be poor oral hygiene or something more significant. With a good diagnosis in place, you’re closer to having your life back; the dentist will be able to eliminate the foul breath forever with proper treatment.

Having bad breath comes with its issues, but not knowing the causes might even be a bigger problem. Any of the reasons below could be the cause of your bad breath;


Through the process of digestion, some food articles (garlic, hot spices, etc.) can find their way into the bloodstream. From here, they go down to the lungs, and when you talk, an unfriendly smell comes out of your mouth. Again, tiny particles of food intake from our daily meal stay back in between the teeth and tongue surface, causing bacteria and ultimately, leading to bad breath.

Tobacco Products

As a tobacco smoker, you’re liable to gum diseases, which potentially causes bad breath. This is because all tobacco products leave you with an odour in the mouth.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Food particles from the teeth and tongue play a big role when it comes to bad breath. These particles will remain if you adopt poor dental hygiene like improper dental cleanliness, inability to floss and brush regularly, etc. And when these particles build up over time, you have a bad breath staring you in the face.

Dry Mouth 

Mouth condition (also known as xerostomia) causes a reduction in saliva production. It happens while you’re asleep and that’s what causes morning breath. For the chronic type, sufferers could be struggling with salivary gland issues or something related.

Oral Infection

You may have gum infection or mouth soresor even tooth decayand this might be the reason you have bad breath. The smell from unhealed surgeries is usually offensive and may also be another reason for your bad breath.


The chemical in some medicines could trigger bad breath. They break down in the body and make the breath foul; they cause dry mouth in any patient with chronic illnesses.

Bad Breadth is Preventable—But How?

  • Brush and floss always— at least twice a day. Brush and scrub your tongue to get rid of surface bacteria.
  • Schedule regular checkups with your dentist.
  • A thorough cleaning of your dentures at night is a must.
  • Do away with smoking and chewing of tobacco.
  • Keep your body hydrated.
  • Use mouthwash to eliminate bad breath by killing the causing agent—which is bacteria.
  • Chew mint or parsley with less sugar.
  • A visit to a dental expert is a must if you have chronic ailments.

Bad breath shrinks your social and professional circles. Carriers of bad breath are usually held at arm’s length within their circle of friends, causing them to lose their self-esteem and social worth. Would you rather belong to this class or do the needful to get your life back?

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