Teeth Whitening

Do you want whiter teeth?

Teeth whitening, is either the restoration of a natural tooth shade or whitening beyond the natural shade. Restoration of the underlying natural tooth shade is possible by simply removing surface stains caused by extrinsic factors, stainers such as tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco. Have you tried everything? Here are 7 ways to improve the […]

Eight Things That Are Discolouring Your Teeth

We all want a gleaming white smile. That’s why everything from toothpastes to chewing gum advertise their powers of whitening, and why tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure at most dentists’ offices. But whitening and bleaching is just cleaning up after the fact. What if you could stop the stains from happening in […]

Home remedies to get rid of yellow teeth

Home remedies to get rid of yellow teeth

  How to Get Rid of  Yellow Teeth Using Home Remedies A great smile does not only make you look great but also boosts your confidence.  Unfortunately, as you grow old, it is natural for your teeth to become less white. There are many different ways to get rid of the yellow teeth, but many […]