Myths About An Orthodontic Procedure

There are many things people think about when they think of an orthodontic treatment. Whether they’re accurate thoughts or not, let’s straighten out those common myths. Visiting your family orthodontics should be like any other consultation. Let’s start by pointing out that there are many options when it comes to an orthodontic procedure. From metal braces to invisible braces, there truly is a solution for everyone. People see an orthodontist to fix crooked, misaligned teeth, to straighten teeth and produce a perfect smile. Let’s delve into the myths and debunk them once and for all.

An orthodontic procedure is very expensive

When someone considers heading to an appointment for orthodontic treatment, they may be worried about the cost. Orthodontic treatment comes with a price tag, but the costs vary depending on what you’re having done. Invisible braces are more expensive than metal braces. However, the benefits of wearing invisible braces includes a discreet treatment. Many orthodontists have payment plans available for all their procedures, which means you can pay for any orthodontic procedure in instalments.

You only need to visit the orthodontist to tighten the braces

If you’re going to spend decent money on seeing the family orthodontics clinic, you need to commit to the whole process. Wearing metal or invisible braces means committing to more than just the routine tightening schedule. It’s also about ongoing maintenance and monitoring. This way, you can be sure that your orthodontic treatment is working as planned.

If you want straight teeth, you need to wear metal braces

This is a popular myth, and an ancient one too. Today’s technology has allowed orthodontists to use various teeth straightening devices to suit a number of purposes. From metal braces to discreet invisible braces, you can wear whatever suits you best. Speak with your orthodontist about the options available to you.

Orthodontic treatment is only for children

Although many children and teens wear braces, orthodontic treatment is for adults too. With improved technology, adults can now wear discreet invisible braces or Invisalign. This means they can get their straight teeth without drawing unwanted attention.

You have to wear braces for several years for the best effect

Unless the orthodontist advises, you don’t have to wear braces for several years. Most orthodontic treatments take around 18 to 24 months, depending on the work involved. With today’s technology, the time between appointments is around two months. At these appointments, your orthodontist will check the progress and tighten braces if necessary. How long you wear your braces depends on how bad your teeth are to begin with. You may be lucky to only need braces for 12 months. Speak to your local family orthodontics for more information.


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