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What Are the Stages of Tooth Decay?

You probably know that a dental cavity is a hole in one of your teeth. And you might also know that a cavity is the result of the process of tooth decay that happens over time. That’s why regular dental visits are a particularly important part of tooth decay prevention – if caught early, tooth decay can […]

Ten tips to a healthier mouth

A beautiful smile says a lot about a person. We tend to associate healthy attractive smiles with good health and with good reason. Looking after your teeth and mouth has never been more important. We know of links between gum disease and heart disease and diabetes and we know that we are judged more and […]

Myths About An Orthodontic Procedure

There are many things people think about when they think of an orthodontic treatment. Whether they’re accurate thoughts or not, let’s straighten out those common myths. Visiting your family orthodontics should be like any other consultation. Let’s start by pointing out that there are many options when it comes to an orthodontic procedure. From metal braces to invisible braces, […]