Signs You May Need to Call Your Dentist

Your oral wellbeing highly determines your general health condition. A good set of teeth and healthy gums is essential for speaking, chewing and digestion functions. It can also increase your self-esteem through flawless facial expressions and grant you that breathtaking smile; this makes it very paramount for us to seek oral attention expediently when needed.

Oral surgery is one of the several means of treating dental defects that could affect your health. Through proper diagnosis, your dentist can advise you on the best option to adopt. However, if you are experiencing these Symptoms, there is a high probability you will need surgery.



When your wisdom tooth (third molar) cause you pain and discomfort to other teeth, they are surgically extracted. Your small jaw can force your wisdom tooth to emerge defectively thus getting it stuck and impacted between the gum tissue and the jawbone. Consequently, you will experience pain, swelling, and infection. If this is not adequately cared for, it may result in a cyst or tumor growth.


When you seek an alternative to dentures and bridges in replacing a missing tooth or a set of teeth, you may require surgery for a dental implant. This surgery involves the fixing of an artificial tooth that will be anchored in the jawbone. An artificial tooth is also specially designed to enable you to chew and speak like you would with your real teeth.

Before you are qualified for dental implantation, you must fulfill certain conditions: firstly, you must possess an adequate bone level and density needed for the operation. Secondly, you must be void of specific ailments which may worsen the treatment; this includes diabetes, cancer, and alcoholism.


Certain persons experience unequal upper and lower jaws growth which makes it hard for them to eat, swallow, speak, and even breathe properly. When this occurs, a surgical procedure is needed to reset the upper and lower jaws to a more balanced and healthy position. More so, Surgery becomes a pressing option where the braces or other orthodontic devices can not correct the defect.

So far, we have highlighted a few situations that demand oral surgery. If you fall into any of these categories, start getting well-prepared for surgery as soon as possible.

People always perceive surgeries with dread and anxiety, but with the help of a reliable dentist, you have nothing to fear.


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